• Cherished Teddies .....  Mitch,  Friendship Never Melts Away
  • Retired,  No Longer in Production
  • This figurine is approx  4.5" Tall, 3.75" Wide and 3.5" Deep
  • Depicts a Teddy Bear sitting in the snow wearing a double-breasted sky blue jacket, with a
    coordinated white and blue stocking cap.  There is a snowman on a tree stump behind him,
    wearing a green striped scarf and a black top hat with a sprig of holly.  The snowman is holding
    a candy cane in his right hand and a broom in his left hand.
  • Cherished Teddies are created by Prisilla and Glenn Hilman
  • Produced by Enesco

Mitch, Friendship Never Melts Away ....... Cherished Teddies

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