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You'll be mad for Miss Mindy's captivating Cheshire Cat and his famous toothy grin. He happily welcomes you to Wonderland with a charming mini mome rath. Be sure to add this delightfully devious shapeshifter to your collection before he disappears!
  • Vinyl Figurine
  • 7.09 in H
  • Part of series 2 in Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl Collection - COLLECT THEM ALL!
  • Unique Tripod design with vibrant color details
  • Mome Rath accessory piece comes in box for added value
  • Beautifully packaged in branded color window box suitable for display
  • Cheshire Cat stands 7" Tall; Mome Rath stands 1.75" tall
  • Item: 6001682
  • UPC 028399113569

Miss Mindy Cheshire Cat 6001682

SKU: enemin6001682
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