• Lavender - enfusia's blend of pure lavender essential oils will help relax and calm you from the stresses of the day. 
  • Wonderful before bed to help promote restful sleep.   
  • The salt, soap mini gift set is the best way to experience a luxurious bath with three different ways to make every bath beautiful.
  • Handmade mini bath bombs, hand blended spa bath soaks, and handmade premium soap will delight your senses and soften your skin.
  • Salt, soap, & mini gift set contains: 1 (4 oz) 1/2 heart mini bath bombs. 1 (2.2 oz) premium handmade soap bar. 1 (2.5 oz) spa bath soaks.
  • Directions (bath bomb): fill bath with warm water & drop in bath bomb. We recommend using the whole bath bomb for a luxurious experience.
  • Directions (spa bath soak): add as much as you like (try 2-3 oz to start!) to running water, relax and enjoy!
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Not for children under 3 years old.
  • Made in United States of America

Lavender Mini Bath Bomb, Bath Salt and Soap Mini Gift Set

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