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I AM DAHLIA Experience the Wonderful!

  • Floral-shaped 350-piece jigsaw puzzle.
  • I AM dahlia comes with a Madd Capp Fun Facts booklet. On one side is a fold-out puzzle image to use as a reference or hang as a poster. On the flipside is a wealth of amazing facts, including six great gardening tips. Did you know, for instance, that the dahlia owes its name to 18th century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, who categorized it as a vegetable because of its edible tubers? And that all you need is one tuber with one “eye” to grow one vigorous dahlia?

• 350 pieces

• Finished size: 14" x 24"

• Unique-shaped border

• No square corners, no straight edges… just a little extra challenge and a lot more fun (a few hours, depending on your skill level)

• Semi-gloss, photo-realistic floral image

• Mounted on premium quality chipboard for a dust-free, damage-free, picture-perfect puzzle

• Colors are crisp, designs are dynamic

• Random cut, interlocking

UPC 051497283063

I Am Dahlia Puzzle

SKU: madcap083592 dahlia
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