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We just started carrying delicious jams from a Denver maker! We are so excited to have this unique specialty food item available. They are perfect for secret Santa gifts or stocking stuffers!

That's My Jam was born from a passion of music and a love of homemade wholesome organic food. The jam is made in micro batches and with the highest quality, organic ingredients. Made with less sugar than your typical jam, the fruit spread takes center stage.

Theses jams make great gifts for foodies & music lovers alike and IS safe for the whole family. The alcohol content cooks out but the flavor remains for a unique flavor profile.

Ex: Strawberry Fields Forever, inspired by THE BEATLES is infused with champagne and a hint of limoncello for a sparkly addition to your morning spread.

Banana Pancakes is our TOP Seller, inspired by JACK JOHNSON, this proprietary blend has whiskey and butterscotch schnapps infused with organic bananas for a unique STRAIGHT OUTTA THE JAR deliciousness.

Great as ice cream topping, dolloped on oatmeal, in chilled cocktails, on a cheese spread or even bagels, toast, pancakes. The pineapple jam (JAMMIN - inspired by BOB MARLEY) is often used as a unique meat marinade and is especially fantastic on pork and cornish game hen. The uses are limited only by your imagination!

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