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Seen in the hands of countless cowboys in numerous Hollywood westerns, the Winchester, lever-action “repeating rifle,” was the weapon of choice for the Western horseman. Which is why it is often called “The Gun that Won the West.”

  • Figurine
  • Winchester Figurine
  • The Trail of Painted Ponies from Enesco celebrates the magic of the horse, the rich culture of America, and the unique talents of independent artists
  • Includes a collector card, that tells the artist's story behind each design, and decorative gift box
  • Artist: Lorna Matsuda
Material: Brass Plated, Polyresin, Calcium Carbonate
Measurements: 7.25in H x 2.5in W x 10.125in L Wt. 2.1 lbs
UPC Code: 028399307692

Item: 6010725


Winchester 6010725

SKU: wespon6010725
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